July 16, 2020

Fine Art Dealers Associatio...

    CELEBRATING 30 YEARS       Fine Art Dealers Association: Three Decades of The Trusted Gallery Network® More...

June 17, 2020

Introducing Room View on FA...

Introducing Room View on FADA.org         Experience Gallery Inventory in ROOM VIEW. *Note – Artworks with More...

April 1, 2020

Safer at Home, We Remain Co...

RESOURCES       Government:     The CARES Act       Getting Cash for Your Small Business More...

March 26, 2020

EYES ON THE ART: Frieze Un...

Change is inevitable – let’s embrace it with open arms. FADA turns 30 this year and we’ve evolved along More...

August 31, 2019

George Stern Fine Arts Has ...

After 25 years, this August George Stern Fine Arts moved just around the corner in West Hollywood.   Their new More...

August 15, 2018

The Shapes of Things

In conjunction with the start of the school year, this post visually looks back to basic geometry-primarily the circle- More...

Jessie Laino

August 1, 2018

In Ruins

The month of August is notoriously languid. The unofficial month of the shut down, August inspires this post’s focus More...


July 15, 2018

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

While this post’s title suggests an art historical survey of fish depicted in their natural aquatic habitat, it seems More...


July 1, 2018

FADA takes it to the Street

FADA’s inventory encompasses various outlet of street art. New FADA Member Gallery Vertu Fine Art holds in their inventory More...


June 15, 2018

The Pastel

This blog post is dedicated to the pastel: the artistic medium best espousing the end of the school year. More...


June 1, 2018

Les Enfants

A recent trip to London’s Foundling Museum, an eighteenth-century institution set up to care for London’s abandoned children, provoked More...


May 15, 2018

That Summer Feeling

Though hazes are often associated with a smothering fog, the landscapes in FADA’s inventory mix vibrant color and opaque More...


May 1, 2018

Nine to Five

The pleasures of viewing art are often induced by the scenes of leisure they represent. Impressionism’s glorious fields and More...


April 15, 2018

Float On

April serves as an intermediary month, particularly weather wise.  Teasing summer with a select few days of sunshine and More...


April 1, 2018

Take me to Church

FADA’s inventory of churches demonstrates the nuances of church architecture reflecting the communities surrounding it-and displays the diversity of More...


March 15, 2018

Give Me a Sign

Taking directions from FADA's inventory of artwork messages More...

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March 1, 2018

Creatures of Habit

This post examines the repeating motifs in artists' oeuvres. More...


February 15, 2018

The Universal Color

Reeling from Valentine’s Day inundation of red hearts, candies and flowers, this post provides an antidote by calling attention More...

Sierra Exif JPEG

February 3, 2018

Red for Love

Ladies in red. More...


January 15, 2018

The Decadent

Decadence, a term most closely associated with the pathological symptoms of Aestheticism, characterized the perceived immorality of the Victorian More...


January 1, 2018

En Masse

Inspired by the thrill of sharing in the excitement-but also with the annoyance of traffic, this FADAblog posts highlights More...


December 15, 2017

En Route

In the midst of the holiday exodus, many will be taking journeys-to both familiar and unfamiliar places. More...


December 1, 2017


With the upcoming Royal Wedding revving up dreams of spectacular hats, we look to the art of fashion-particularly those More...


November 15, 2017

Apple of My Eye

Ushering in the fall season with the North East’s favorite fruit: the apple.  An emblem of the season, its More...


October 30, 2017

Into the Woods

In anticipation of Halloween’s hoopla, this post looks beyond the costumes-covered in our post on the P(arty)-and to the More...


October 15, 2017


The unsung hero in artworks tends to be those invisible forces-aka the wind-energizing an artwork’s atmosphere.  Although the wind More...


October 1, 2017

The Grazers

Pastoral settings, glorified in the Baroque canvases of Claude Lorrain, idealized nature’s harmony.  Throughout the history of art, pastoral More...


September 15, 2017

Gone Fishing

The depiction of fishing in art history-though a seemingly odd subject to focus on-denotes subtle social positions when contemplating More...


September 1, 2017

Lost in the Study

Back to school and September calls for the retreat inside.  With a wardrobe overhaul replacing last blog post’s bikinis, More...


August 15, 2017

The Bikini

In this ode to the last days of summer, this post captures the visual history of the bikini (and More...


July 18, 2017

FADA’s Summer of Love

With museums curating exhibits centered around the political and artistic culture of the 1960’s-images of San Francisco’s flower children, More...


July 1, 2017

The Art of Urban Planning

This post looks to the (art) historical precedent of cities’ public spaces-especially gardens. While Hausmann provided breathing room More...


June 16, 2017

In the Studio

Blogs inventorying the body scrubs and bags of personal medicine cabinets and closets entice readers with the diverse styles More...


June 1, 2017

In the Backyard

It’s backyard season. The preferred venue for summer weekends and holiday celebrations, the backyard is an emblem of More...

Screen shot 2017-06-04 at 10.00.20 PM

May 15, 2017

Low Rider

A symbol of modern mobility-the car- with video game and movie franchises dedicated to the mechanism, is pop culture’s More...


April 15, 2017

As The Italians Do

While many consider the 19th century as artists' breaking point with religious subjects, artists since have examined and re-appropriated More...


April 1, 2017

Fool Me Once

To celebrate April Fool’s Day, this post reflects on art historical staple, Trompe L’oeil. Literally to deceive the More...


March 15, 2017

The Bestseller List

Perusing through bookstores today brings about the difficult decision of choosing between two artfully designed book covers. Obviously a More...


February 27, 2017


Inaugural art exhibition Desert X debuted this weekend. With the desert landscape providing an exhibition space and locus for More...


February 15, 2017

Best Picture

With the approach of the Oscars, compensating for a generally lull February film season, we look again to FADA’s More...


February 1, 2017

In the Valley of FADA

In anticipation of the upcoming, FADA-supported Desert X, curated, site-specific art installations throughout the Palm Springs Desert area, this More...


January 26, 2017

FADA at the Fair!

While FADA brought a tease of the Desert (X) to 2017’s LA Art Show, there were seven show-stopper FADA More...


January 1, 2017

A Year in Review, 2017

Happy New Year from FADA! Although 2016 has received mixed reviews, FADA members featured their gallery programs worldwide. More...


December 15, 2016

The Nude, Part II

Last week’s blog post visually examined the female nude in relation to the bath scene. Commencing with Praxiteles More...

December 1, 2016

The Nude, Part 1

Although the subject of disrobing seems a bit contradictory to this season’s frigid weather conditions, this blog post is More...


November 15, 2016

Sitter’s Choice

The introduction of photography as a medium for portraiture-even up to today’s iPhone shots, reveals that sitter’s are even More...


November 1, 2016

Clowning Around

Why are clowns such a popular subject for artists? More...


October 31, 2016

Everyday FADA

Contemporary art historical scholarship often reflects upon the functionality of art. While DADA artists of the twentieth century elevated More...


October 6, 2016

The Architecture of FADA

Archeologists or anthropologies closely study how exterior spaces are a reflection of the cultures which created them. Additionally, More...


September 16, 2016

Fifty Shades of FADA

As the world is abuzz with intel from the Fifty Shades of Grey movie set, it seems appropriate to More...


September 16, 2016

FADA at the Museum

As the summer season descends upon the art world, museum destinations often increase in popularity as the close of More...


September 2, 2016

The Academics

With first days of school beckoning back students, this post is an homage to learning (equally supported by More...

Screen shot 2016-09-02 at 9.19.09 AM

August 17, 2016

Going for Gold

FADA goes for gold in this post's celebration of competition in art. More...


July 1, 2016

Calling Major Tom

Swooning over Rihanna’s latest “Sledgehammer” video for StarTrek (although her makeup seemingly borrows from fashion icon Michele Lamy), one More...


June 15, 2016

Un Café S’il vous pl...

Karl Lagerfeld’s Brasserie Gabrielle, staged within the magnificent beaux-arts structure of the Grand Palais (seasonally decorated for each collection More...


June 1, 2016

Countryside Escape

As last month’s post was an ode to the more quieter tones of city life, today’s post showcases the More...


May 15, 2016

The Still Urban-Scape

While most engage in and seek out urban lifestyles for the activity of the hustle and bustle, representations of More...


May 1, 2016

Costume Queens

We’re all living vicariously through Instagram for updates on this year’s Met Gala with its enigmatic theme, “Manus X More...


March 15, 2016

The Hills Are Alive…w...

Feeling a bit musical this March (most definitely influenced by binge-watching Amazon's Mozart in the Jungle), this month’s post More...


March 1, 2016

It Takes Two

In Art History, there are a number of famous familial, platonic and amorous pairs: who’s your favorite? More...


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