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Although categorized under the Sci-Fi genre, Arrival is a movie about communication.  In deciphering the language of Earth’s new visitors, one is kindly reminded of interpreting an abstract canvas.  Joel Hoyer’s watercolor is evocative of hieroglyphics-embodying the effort of translation. 

bestpicture-1Joel Hoyer, 7814, Acrylic Pigment on Watercolor Paper, Monotype, Bert Green Fine Art.  Click to inquire


Character driven performances adapted from August Wilson’s play, evoking the African American experience in the 1950’s, mirror the intimacy of Stephen Scott Young’s “Charmed, 1998.” 

bestpicture-2 Stephen Scott Young, Charmed, 1998, Watercolor, Surovek Gallery.  Click to inquire


 A true war story of one pacifist doctor’s refusal to carry a gun relates to Timothy W. Jahn’s still life, “Remains of Valor,” assembling edifices of war. 

bestpicture-3 Timothy W. Jahn, Remains of Valor, Oil on panel, Rehs Galleries.  Click to inquire.


More than a thrilling tale of bank robberies, the “Neo-Western” film comments on the intricacies of financial world when brothers try to save their family ranch. What lies at the bottom of their problems-oil. A cat and mouse game ensues-simulated in the chaser/chased role embodied in Borein's Cowboy Watercolor. 


 A genius title, Hidden Figures recognition of three African American women integral in NASA operations is a film about a woman’s triumph.  Lucy Agid’s sculpture, Dance of Life (small), exudes the feeling of “togetherness” evoked throughout the film.  

bestpicture-4Lucy Agid, Dance of Life, Bronze, George Stern Fine Arts.  Click to inquire.

LA LA Land

A love story, the “Neo-Musical” is an ode to Los Angeles, similar to photographer Jim McHugh’s project, “Iconic LA as Subject Series.” 
bestpicture-5 Jim McHugh, Electrolier-Los Angeles, Archival pigment print, Timothy Yarger Fine Art.  Click to inquire


bestpicture-6Henry Moore, Mother and Child IV, 1983, Etching, Leslie Sacks Gallery.  Click to inquire


Ben Schonzeit’s blurred, photorealist “Ammoudi” manifests numbness; a vista looking out to a flight of boats, the most potent symbol from Manchester by the Sea. 
bestpicture-7 Ben Schonzeit, Ammoudi, Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art.  Click to inquire