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Change is inevitable - let’s embrace it with open arms. FADA turns 30 this year and we’ve evolved along with the the fine art industry. Technology is now a big factor in the globalization of our business. The gallery as a brand is more important than ever, and the web is the best opportunity to reinforce this and attract the audience you want.
That said, let’s not forget the proliferation of the art fair for marketing artists and engaging with new clients. When FADA created the LA Art Show 25 years ago, there were only a handful of art fairs nationally. Now there are art fairs around the globe. See FADA Member Galleries popping up at various fairs as 2020 unfolds
For your travels to Los Angeles...a few of our personal favorite LA eating spots:
Bavel (DTLA)
Bestia (DTLA)
Il Postaio (Beverly Hills)
Manuela (DTLA)
Matsuhisa (Weho)
Otium (DTLA)
Pizzeria Mozza (Hollywood) 
Sunset Tower (Weho)