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CERNUDA ARTE PRESENTS: A Conversation on Afro-Cuban art with Ramón Cernuda 
Join Ramón for a full walk-through & discussion of the Black Art Matters exhibition
Ramón Cernuda presents a virtual walk-through of a group show of 13 Afro-Cuban artists from the modern and contemporary periods. Discussing the history of Cuban art, we go on a journey from the commissioned colonial portraits to Modernism, and all the way to artists making works today!
Cernuda Arte Presents: A Conversation on Afro-Cuban Art with Ramon Cernuda (Teaser)
A sample of works in the exhibition:
Untitled (Figure and Elgua), 1964
Wilfredo Lam
Available at Cernuda Arte
I Look at You, Always (Te Miro Siempre), 2019
Juan Roberto Diago
Available at Cernuda Arte
I Offer You (Te Ofrezco), 2001
Manuel Mendive
Available at Cernuda Arte