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Can't believe it's September? Neither can we but
The Show Must Go On! Here are highlights from
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Marc Chagall at Galerie Michael
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In these troubling times, we sought out happiness, and quickly settled on 20th century Modern Master, Marc Chagall, to be our next exhibition. Here was an artist who had the rare ability to start each morning fresh–as if each day was the first. He saw each flower as the most brilliant, each fruit as the sweetest, and each woman as the most beautiful. What better person could there be to give us a positive perspective?
What’s more is that some of these works were part of a collection that had not been seen for sixty years–and never by the public. They were secreted away in the secure cabinets of the descendants of Chagall’s printmaker, Charles Sorlier. These were works that not only captured the amazing colors that are quintessentially Chagall, but were hand-colored by the master himself. These were the very proofs that then gave birth to the graphic masterworks that grace the walls of museums, galleries, and private collections the world over.
Le Cirque, 1967
Marc Chagall
Available at Galerie Michael
Offered at $19,800
Chris Clamp at Jerald Melberg Gallery
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Chris Clamp has a singular and poignant vision which derives primarily from his love of family, inquisitiveness, and keen interest in sometimes quirky, sometimes whimsical, but always personal objects which he renders with great skill. The clarity of light and pureness of color that Clamp achieves in his paintings give them a surface that is both beautifully crafted and uniquely his own. Deceptively simple, it does not take long for the viewer to discover, and revel in, the complexity of surface, composition, and layers of nuanced meaning. This is the artist's fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. 
Chris Clamp
Offered at $4,200
Florence Miller Pierce at Addison Rowe Gallery
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Florence Miller Pierce was known for thought-provoking abstract, non-objective, monochromatic painting rooted in her dedication to Zen Buddhism and meditation. Many of her works give the appearance of floating off the wall, something she achieved with richly colored and textured geometric shapes—polygons, triangles, and rectangles—encased in divided layers of transparent resin over colors that had been softened through mixing with with milled fiberglass.
Working with resin to create textures occurred for her in 1969 when she 51 years old and was in her New Mexico studio making foam sculpture. A chance spill of resin landed on a piece of aluminum foil, and when it hardened, it ‘shimmered’, and she was fascinated. Learning that she could create an interesting effect with resin adhering to mirrored tiles, “she would continue with the new body of work for nearly 35 years.” (Regan)
Untitled No. 4, c. 1960s
Florence Miller Pierce
Available at Addison Rowe Gallery
Offered at $30,000
Louise Nevelson + James Little at Rosenbaum Contemporary
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Louise Nevelson + James Little, an exhibition pairing Nevelson’s monochromatic black sculptures with Little’s new series of large-scale, black-toned paintings is open at Rosenbaum Contemporary, 150 Yamato Road, Boca Raton, Fla., and will remain on view through October 8. The exhibition can be viewed three different ways. Groups of up to four people who are quarantining together can make an appointment for a dedicated time slot to see the works in person by calling (561) 994-9180. Appointments can also be made for personal Zoom tours.
Cascades-Perpendiculars XVI, 1980-1982
Louise Nevelson