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In anticipation of the upcoming, FADA-supported Desert X, curated, site-specific art installations throughout the Palm Springs Desert area, this post sources FADA inventory evocative of the desert environment. Very much like FADA’s tease of the desert in our 2017 LA Art Show booth, replete with rattan, this post reflects the similarities between fine art and furniture designs responding strongly to the color scheme of the dry climate.
valley-2 Jeremy Kidd, Desert to Palm, 2005, C-print on aluminum, Leslie Sacks Gallery.  Click to inquire.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACarl Oscar Borg, The Squaw, Oil, David Cook Fine Art.  Click to inquire.
While Desert X -and its installations-are literally rooted in the California landscape, FADA galleries, such as Nedra Matteucci Galleries, David Cook Fine Art, and George Stern Fine Arts specialize in artists, like the Taos school, inspired by the desert-scape. Noticeably empty of civilization, depictions of famous deserts-often inhabitable- contribute to its lore of extremes.
valley-4 Dick Mason, High Desert Fog, Acrylic on canvas, Nedra Matteucci Galleries.  Click to inquire.
valley-5 Ethel Magafan, Above the Desert, c.1950, Tempera on masonite, David Cook Fine Art.  Click to inquire.
Desert X goes beyond the barren landscape and recasts the Desert in a new role as exhibition space.  Incorporated into the physical landscape of the desert, how will the exhibition’s audience respond both to the place and space?
valley-6 Randy Dudley, Desert Tramline, Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art.  Click to inquire.