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Three FADA Member Galleries-Jerald Melberg Gallery, Rosenbaum Contemporary and Sponder Gallery-joined 90 other galleries at the fourth edition of Seattle Art Fair. Founded in 2015 by Paul G. Allen, the Seattle Art Fair brings contemporary art to the tech-centric Pacific Northwest. 

Each FADA Member Gallery presented a booth indicative of their collecting specialty at CenturyLink Field and booth highlights can be viewed below. 


Jerald Melberg Gallery

Charlotte, NC











Rosenbaum Contemporary Gallery

Boca Raton, FL









Sponder Gallery

Boca Raton, FL



From July 5th-8th, four FADA Member Galleries will be participating at Market Art + Design Hamptons. 


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Market Art + Design, the East End’s premier modern and contemporary art fair, returns to the town of Bridgehampton this July 5 – 8 for the fair’s eighth edition. From its coveted location in the heart of the Hamptons – just off Highway 27 at the Bridgehampton Museum – Market Art + Design will showcase presentations by 65 top galleries enhanced by a striking and tightly curated design component pulling from dealers and designers from around the world.

Contessa Gallery

Booth #505 & #605 

Featured Artists

Brendan Murphy 


Mr. Brainwash 

Cayla Birk

Maria Svarbova

Daniele Sigalot 

David Drebin 


Featured Artists

Donald Martiny

Udo Nöger

JM Rizzi

William King

Gene Kiegel

Jane Manus

Dan Christensen

Boaz Vaadia

Timothy Yarger Fine Art 

Booth #319

Featured Artists

David Hockney 

Udo Nöger

Pancho Luma

Mads Christensen 

Shana Mabari

Rodger Stevens

Jeff Quinn

Eric Zammitt

Including a special presentation of 

Richard Misrach

Joann Verburg 

Vertu Fine Art 

Booth #219


Featured Artists

Richard Serra


Andy Warhol 

Roy Lichtenstein

Alex Katz 

Keith Haring 

Donald Sultan

Anish Kapoor 



The Bridgehampton Museum 

2368 Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton, NY


Thursday, July 5, 2018  6:00pm to 10:00pm


Friday, July 6, 2018  11:00am to 7:00pm

Saturday, July 7, 2018  11:00am to 7:00pm

Sunday, July 8, 2018  12:00pm to 6:00pm


Sinuhe Vega Negrin, Floating Head from the Species Series, 2017, Oil painted fiberglass and wire sculpture, encased in colored plexiglass pedestal with LED light and mechanical movement, LnS Gallery. Click to inquire. 


April serves as an intermediary month, particularly weather wise.  Teasing summer with a select few days of sunshine and incurring fear with random outbursts of rain and snow, this month’s post embodies April’s transitory qualities through visual depictions of floating.  Damien Hirst’s formaldehyde-filled tanks of preserved bodies of farm animals are the most iconic floating image. 




Damien Hirst, Love Poems (A Series of 6), 2014, Photogravure, Rosenbaum Contemporary Gallery.  Click to inquire. 





Georges Braque, Nuage en échec, 1963, Color lithograph, Denenberg Fine Arts. Click to inquire



Likewise, modern photographs of Palm Spring’s poolsides capture the fleeting moments of being-somewhat in action, but no where to go. These tense moments of leisure (if there can be such a thing) perhaps denotes modern unease with downtime. FADA’s inventory of floating objects-or depictions of floating people-anticipate the summer months, but also the slight shifts as seasons transition. 



Johannes Westmark, Floating in Blue II, Oil and acrylic on paper.  Arcadia Contemporary




Adolph Gottlieb, Vertical, Oil on canvas, 1971, Casterline | Goodman Gallery.  Click to inquire



Just as we float-artists have also been able to free their works from general perspective guidelines-allowing shapes and colors to float amongst the undefined background. FADA’s inventory-showing one suspended from the canvas, or in a body of liquid-exude the trappings of floating-implying one’s next move.



David Drebin, Floating Dreams, C-print, Contessa Gallery. Click to inquire.