alt Scene in a Bar-Room

Scene in a Bar-Room

Richard Caton Woodville

Godel & Co, Fine Art, Inc.

Oil on panel
8 1/2 x 6 3/4 inches

Other Information
Inscription: Signed & dated lower right: R C W / 1845
Provenance: Provenance: the artist; Abraham M. Cozzens, New York, by April 1845; Van Allen, from 1868; Kennedy Galleries, New York, by 1982; private collection; Alexander Gallery, New York; Godel & Co., New York; Berry-Hill Galleries, New York; private collection, until 2006
Exhibited: Exhibited: National Academy of Design, New York, Twentieth Annual Exhibition, April 17-July 5, 1845, no. 361; Samuel P. Avery's, New York, January and possibly February 1867; Clinton Hall Art Gallery, Leavitt, Stebeigh & Company, New York, May 22, 1868
Literature: Literature: "Sketchings. Our Private Collections, No. III," The Crayon 3 (April 1856): 123 (titled The Tough Story); Henry T. Tuckerman, Book of the Artists (New York: G. P. Putnam & Son, 1867), pp. 408. 410 (titled Bar-Room Interior); "Fine Arts. Richard Caton Woodville," New-York Daily Tribune, January 22, 1867, p. 2; Catalogue of the Entire Collection of Paintings Belonging to the Late Mr. A. M. Cozzens (New York: Leavitt, Strebeigh & Company, 1868): n.p,, no. 5 (titled The Smokers [Bar-Room Interior]); "Clinton Gallery and Art," The Evening Post [New York], May 16, 1868, p.2; Copy of Letter of William Woodville V to William Pennington, June 13, 1879, Pennington Papers MS, Maryland Historical Society; Frank Jewett Mather, Jr., Charles Rufas Morey, William James Henderson, The American Spirit in Art (New Haven, 1927), p. 37; Frederic F. Sherman, Early American Painting (New York, 1932), p. 272; Mary Bartlett Cowdrey, "Richard Caton Woodville, An American Genre Painter," American Collector 13 (April 1944): 7; Eliot Clark , History of the National Academy of Design (New York, 1954), pp. 54-55; Elizabeth H. Payne, "America at Leisure in the 1840s," Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Art 35 (1955-1956), p. 13; James Thomas Flexner, That Wilder Image (Boston, 1962), p. 139; Francis S. Grubar, "Richard Caton Woodville's Waiting for the Stage," The Corcoran Bulletin 13 (October 1963): 12; Francis Stanley Grubar, "Richard Caton Woodville: An American Artist, 1825 to 1855," Ph.D. dissertation, The Johns Hopkins University, 1966, pp. 27-30, 32, 220-222; Francis S. Grubar, "Richard Caton Woodville 1825-1855," essay in Richard Caton Woodville: an early American Genre Painter (Washington, D.C.: The Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1967), n.p.; Henry Nichols Blake Clark, "The Impact of Seventeenth-Century Dutch and Flemish Genre Painting on American Genre Painting, 1800-1865," University of Delaware, 1982, pp. 234-235, 381 (figure 119); Gerald Carr, entry on The Card Players, in American Paintings in the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit: Detroit Institute of Arts, 1997), 2:254; Justin Wolff, "Soldiers, Sharps, and Shells: Richard Caton Woodville and Antebellum Genre Painting," Ph.D. dissertation, Princeton University, 1999, pp. 133-135, 138-141, 151, 168, 364 (reproduced); Bruce Weber, American Paintings IX (New York:Berry-Hill Galleries, Inc., 2001) pp.12-13 (reproduced)

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