Digital Art Marketing and E-Commerce
We are giving consideration to the idea of adding a point-of-sale feature on FADA.org enabling visitors to easily engage and purchase art directly from your posted gallery inventory. Before we initiate, we welcome your feedback to learn if this is something you think would be of value; it may require pricing transparency as well as individual conditions-of-sale to spark a spontaneous purchase.
COVID-19 restrictions have dictated limited attendance to indoor in-person exhibitions in some places and, accordingly, galleries are now offering timed appointments. Most businesses, including galleries, are seeking ways to innovate and reimagine their game plan and generate activity. It seems to reason that implementing an easy direct-pay feature would add interest to our platform. This feature on FADA.org would:
1) Enable Members to generate revenue via direct online sales
2) Apply to none, any or all artworks based on gallery preference
3) Require no individual financial investment
4) Customize conditions to fit each gallery’s needs
5) Take little time and be simple to use
We understand some of you may have hesitation with regard to the trend of revealing prices, however, it may be the right time to experiment to see if it boosts sales.
Let us know what you think at fadasocial@gmail.com.
Dear Members,
I care how you are faring right now. In order to keep us connected and up-to-speed about all things FADA, I continue to reach out on a regular basis. In addition to our monthly Member Gallery Blast, we have initiated a weekly FADA Database Blast; all communications are archived in the FADA/NEWS section of ou website for your reference and review.
A Member Survey was circulated and I have had few responses. Please take just a couple minutes to answer questions relevant to membership and programming that will help me know how to plan, support and help you. You can fill it out HERE.
It is a challenging time, indeed. Even for our beloved Association. We are trying to be resilient, creative and supportive. Please stay safe, and take good care of yourselves, and your loved ones. We're all in this together and by implementing thoughtful strategies I am optimistic that we will emerge better and stronger!
My very best,
FADA Member Galleries begin to mount exhibitions in the gallery...send us your news.
Art in the Time of Covid-19
We have made arrangements for your safety and ours and are pleased to announce our showroom has reopened.  We look forward to welcoming you back during our regular business hours and by appointment.
Tasende Gallery in La Jolla, CA is pleased to present the exhibition Petite Format, featuring 29 works on paper and sculpture by 14 artists.
Petite Format demonstrates that power and creativity are not dependent on the size of a work, and often times a diminutive size adds to a work's appeal through intimacy, accessibility and the understanding it allows. Artists work in small format for different reasons, including capturing the essence of an inspiration, as a means to begin the creative process, to freely explore possibilities, to problem-solve and for variety, as well as others. We know the impact renowned sculptors like Mark di Suvero, Henry Moore, Fernando Botero and Lynn Chadwick are able to achieve when working on a heroic scale, yet it as also fascinating to see how they translate ideas onto a petite format.
JNFA is open by appointment only
Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art, which has represented Jim Dine for nearly twenty years, has brought together a retrospective, Essential Jim Dine, which exhibits the artist’s work spanning fifty years of his remarkable career. The exhibition is viewable by appointment only.
Beginning with the large collage-painting on paper, Untitled (Gossip) (1970-71), and ending with the monumental, hand-painted, five-panel woodcut, Asleep with his Tools, Jim Dreams (2018), this Jim Dine exhibition features notable examples of the artist’s well-known motifs:  hearts, robes, tools, and the 2nd-century-BCE masterpiece, Venus de Milo, which is in the collection of the Louvre. It also underscores Dine’s capacity to make works that do not fit neatly into art historical categories, such as collage and painting.
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Google’s The Open Heritage series is a way to explore lesser-known and endangered historical & cultural gems from around the world.
The up-close look offers incredibly detailed visuals and historical accounts of sites that are difficult to access - including 12th-century Syrian bathsNative American cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, and the Peruvian ceremonial site Chavín de Huántar.
MoMA’s YouTube page also has short videos on their current exhibitions, which include additional commentary.