FADA Member Blast | May 2021

The NFT Explosion
We have witnessed almost overnight an art collecting trend focused on digital artworks.
What does this means for gallery owners in 2021?
NFT's aren't your typical artwork. A brand new structure is being created upon welcoming this medium into the industry.
Who is selling?
  • Its artists, often those who already have knowledge about blockchains and cryptocurrency, who use social media to build an audience within that same community, and proceed to sell their work directly to crypto collectors through specialist online platforms like MakersPlace and Nifty Gateway.
There are people called NFT Specialists.
  • Artists who have never worked with NFTs before are starting to— however not through galleries the same way as they have done with their more tangible works. Currently, galleries don't have much access to the crypto community, so artists seek out NFT specialists. 
There's still a need for curation...
"The art market’s central idea is that the object itself is less of a determinant in price than the story you tell about it. But anybody can put an NFT up for sale on these sites, and visiting one is to wade through an undifferentiated mass of images."
  • In March, a Los Angeles-based artist and curator named Casey Reas launched a new venture named Feral File. Reas chooses small groups of NFT artists working with similar ideas and shows their work as an online exhibition, selling limited editions of their pieces. This is an example of a middle ground between NFT platform and gallery.
Click here to read the Fortune Magazine article "Crypto millionaires’ love of NFTs is a boon for the aging art market—but galleries may miss out.'
Dear Members,
The fog has lifted and the sun is out today; clarity for me reveals new possibilities. After a year of masks, social distancing, temperature checks, and now vaccines, we are poking into a post-COVID life that brings a fresh vision to reimagine challenges. Part of my job is to discover innovative ways to elevate each FADA Member's program and to create meaningful collaborations that reflect FADA's stature in the art community.
We’re getting back to a new normal. In our personal lives. In our professional lives. Here at FADA, too. Over the past year we've ramped up digital outreach: social media - website marketing - member and database communications, and expanded the length of membership to include a bonus year, 2021. Now we can take a careful look and refine our long term mission. We have some resources. I have ideas. You do as well. More on that will be addressed and discussed at our Zoom General Membership Meeting next month. Look for an email meeting notice.
I always ask myself, “WHAT IS THE BENEFIT?” The benefit of making a particular trip, the benefit of watching a movie, the benefit of visiting a museum and the benefit of going to an art show. And, the benefit of FADA. My brief answer to the latter: Being a selected member of an esteemed peer group of respected gallerists - each with expertise in their specialty - is a preeminent professional distinction.
It is a time to reimagine. Please be a force - let us find our mutual light - and stay the course together. We are, for sure, Greater than the Sum of Our Art®.
Warm regards,
PS: Sharing below a few images from my recent travels...getting out--and-about to see long-time missed visions, places, institutions, nature, artists, paintings, and sculptures. Send me some of yours, please!
March-May 2021
March-May 2021
We will be regularly updating our FADA.org homepage with themed slide shows of current gallery inventory!
Chanel Ultra Rocket, Fall Winter 2017,
Le Grand Palais, Paris
Simon Procter



"People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it."
- George Bernard Shaw