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Aaron Siskind. Pleasures and Terrors of Levitation. Photograph. Abby M. Taylor Fine Art. Click to inquire

Life tends to get spookier around Halloween, allowing us to indulge a little more in the superstitions surrounding its supernatural history. With countless horror films being broadcasted throughout the month of October, not to mention the decorative ghosts, gory masks, and witches galore, it seems a safer to avoid the cracks in the sidewalk, black cats, and ladders at all costs (we've all learned from Candy Man). However, as we start afresh in November, with all evil spirits safely banished away and only candy left behind, perhaps these superstitions can be embraced with the intervention of art, their ghoulish nature broken down on canvas.

Not so scary after all.


Pablo Picasso. Quatre Hommes en Costume Rembranesque, from the 347 Series, 30 March, 1968, Mougins. Leslie Sacks Fine Art. Click to inquire

Dorothy Dehner. Jacob's Ladder No. 2. Bronze, rich brown patina. Levis Fine Art. Click to inquire

Fernand Leger. Cirque - Clown with Ladder, 1950. Galerie Michael. Click to inquire

Arthur Grover Rider. Cracked Bottle. George Stern Fine Arts. Click to inquire

.......Now that you've made it through this post, consider yourself Superstitious free.