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Michael Rosenfeld, Troika, Oil on canvas, Arcadia Contemporary. Click to inquire

Sometimes we forget to look up. The open sky, occasionally decorated with flighty birds and an airplane's lingering exhaustion streaks, perhaps provides the best metaphorical association with the blank canvas.

Danny Galieote, The Great Escape, Oil on canvas, Arcadia Contemporary. Click to inquire

Paul Mays, California Volunteer Air & Sea Watchers 1940, Watercolor, Trotter Galleries. Click to inquire

While artists have energetically featured a setting and rising sun, this post pays special attention to the intermediary realm and the things which momentarily populate it. Instead of featuring panoramic views, these works of art close up on aerial spaces-sometimes extending beyond the universe as in John Brosio's Jerks.

Irene Rice Pereira, The Spirit of Air, Oil on canvas, David Cook Fine Art. Click to inquire

David Parrish, Ferris Wheel, Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art. Click to inquire

Always the subject of philosophical contemplation and now artistic endeavors, the sky,no longer a passive background, is brought to a jarring focus.

John Brosio, Jerks, Oil on linen, Arcadia Contemporary. Click to inquire