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Edith Maguire, Monterey Wharf, Watercolor. Trotter Galleries. Click to inquire

As a medium once undermined for its lack of artistic endeavor, watercolors are now independently featured in blockbuster exhibitions. Portable and fuss-free, its materials and paints prescribe a delicate, airy quality to a watercolor work. Perhaps these tools' tote-ability explains the popular use of watercolors for outdoorsy maritime scenes, where bleeding paints best capture the complexity of colors in the atmosphere.

(ABOVE) Edmund Henry Osthaus, Dot Rogers, Watercolor. Thomas Nygard Gallery. Click to inquire
(BELOW) Edmund Henry Osthaus, Rod's Sue, Watercolor. Thomas Nygard Gallery. Click to inquire

Intimately sized, watercolors reveal a more personal, enjoyable artistic process of maximized details unconstrained by the finality of oil paints. Despite its conjuring of a freer strokes, watercolors nonetheless are able to be executed with arduous precision, best exemplified by Ralph Goings' Gem Top featured in the first post. With an ability to absorb both the paint and mood of a subject, watercolors offer a tranquil perspective. Enjoy FADA's wonderful collection of such works.


Romare Bearden, Evening, Watercolor on paper. Jerald Melberg Gallery. Click to inquire