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Michael Carson, The Lush Life, Oil on panel, Arcadia Contemporary.

Halloween revelries (or seances) probably transpired on your Saturday night, allowing those who really partook in the festivities to sober up on Sunday (not to mention All Saints Day). Perhaps you can relive last night's trick or treating through FADA's works of festive fêtes (French for party!).


Alfred Eisenstaedt, Ice Skating Waiter, Silver gelatin print, Contessa Gallery.

Gustave Leonard de Jonghe, Dressing for the Ball, Oil on panel, Guarisco Gallery.

Gustave Leonard de Jonghe's protagonist's preparations in Dressing for the Ball (ABOVE), while dressed in 19th century garb (although, whose  jacket we wouldn't mind wearing), still resonates with the modern viewer's own rituals before getting ready to dance the night away.


Wayman Elbridge Adams, The Clinging Vine, Lithograph, Eckert & Ross Fine Art.

Jules Cheret, Théâtre de l'Opéra, Carnaval 1894, Color lithograph, Galerie Michael.

While we hope most of these nights were as joyful as the masquerade represented in Jules Cheret'sThéâtre de l'Opéra, Carnaval. However, for those who may wake up with a pounding head can be happy that they didn't lose it as John the Baptist did after King Herod and Salome's fateful banquet depicted by Edgar Britton.

Gen Paul, Le Grenouillère, Oil on canvas, Rehs Galleries, Inc.

George Deem, The Triumph of Dance, 1984, Acrylic on paper, Eckert Fine Art Gallery + Art Consulting.


Edgar Britton, Untitled (Herod and Salome), Bronze, David Cook Fine Art.  Click to inquire