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Todd Reifers, Dog Talk, Oil on linen, Eckert & Ross Fine Art. Click to inquire

Making their debut around 17,000 years ago in the Lascaux cave paintings, animals as artistic subjects have been synonymous with the commencement of art history.

Vincenzo Irolli, Friends, Oil on canvas, Guarisco Gallery. Click to inquire

Marie Dieterle, Vaches et les moutons par l'eau, Oil on canvas, Rehs Galleries. Click to inquire

Progressing from being the targets of the hunt to domesticated human-helpers, artists have depicted animals both affectionately as pets and as graceful predators. FADA's inventory of animals display this range of subject matter. From Vincenzo Irolli's tender representation of an interaction between a little boy and a goat, to the more idyllic pastorals of Marie Dieterle.

Hunt Slonem, Untitled (CRK00420), Oil on wood, Eckert Fine Art Gallery + Art Consulting. Click to inquire

John James Audubon, Caribou, Hand colored lithograph, Denenberg Fine Art Click to inquire

Rosa Bonheur, Horse in a Landscape, Oil on canvas, Rehs Galleries. Click to inquire

Not surprisingly, artists seem to be as equally fanatic about showcasing dogs: a feature more translatable to today's culture.

Fernando Botero, Horse (Cavallo), Bronze, Rosenbaum Contemporary. Click to inquire

Percival Leonard Rosseau, Under an Old Rail Fence (Setters Bay and Kale), 1918, Oil on canvas, Red Fox Fine Art. Click to inquire