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Emil Kosa Jr., Taylor's Ranch, Oil on masonite, George Stern Fine Arts. Click to inquire

While our November 1st post delved into the superstitions and bad luck surrounding the festivities of Halloween, upcoming celebrations for Saint Patrick's Day inspires this green infused post befitting the luck of the Irish. The four leaf clover, with its green color denoting a tranquility and lushness ripe within the vegetal charm, is tooted around city parades as a badge of good luck.

Pancho Luna, Green, Mixed media, 2014, Timothy Yarger Fine Art. Click to inquire

Michael Loew, I Want You Green, Oil on canvas, Vincent Vallarino Fine Art. Click to inquire

As the charm has inspired the holiday's palette, this post showcases a melange of green accents found in pastoral scenes to abstract compositions. Shades of green decorate California Impressionist landscape works while blocks of bright greens entertain works on paper. The color green is ripe with spring and summer nostagia-this post, FADA's welcome to warmer weather!

Donald Sultan, Green Trumpet March 17, 2008, Aquatint, Leslie Sacks Contemporary. Click to inquire

Amelia Pel?ez, Mujer en Verde (Woman in Green), Oil on canvas, Cernuda Arte. Click to inquire

Frank Townsend Hutchens, By the River, Oil on canvas, Redfern Gallery. Click to inquire