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Jim Dine, Primary Ladies, Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art.  Click to inquire


Equally inhabiting its audience's three dimensional space, sculpture is an art form which demands a viewer's active participation. In order to grasp the medium, a composition of chiseled physical exertions, viewers must circumnavigate the work. Painting's rival since the great Renaissance Paragone debate, which pitted the ruggedness of sculptures and their creators against the refined nature of a painter, sculpture's inheritance of antiquity's bronze and marble works have influenced artistic conceptions to this day.

Claes Oldenburg, Double Nose/Purse/Punching Bag/Ashtray, Mixed media, Wooster Projects. Click to inquire


Lucy Agid, Ovation, Bronze, George Stern Fine Arts. Click to inquire


As seen in Jim Dine's Primary Ladies (Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art), the contemporary artist has appropriated the famed Venus de Milo (Louvre Museum) in his colorful figures. Nonetheless, sculpture does not have to be figural at all, seen in the minimal strips of metal found in Harry Bertoia's philosophical Sonambient Maquette, or perhaps the playful works of Claes Oldenburg.


Louise Nevelson, Transparent Sculpture, Mixed media, Timothy Yarger Fine Art. Click to inquire

Jose de Creeft, Hen, 1972, Marble, Levis Fine Art, Inc. Click to inquire

FADA's collection of sculptures reflects the energy of the medium in its various forms and its development throughout the history of art.

Harry Bertoia, Sonambient Maquette, 1975, Beryllium, copper and brass, Abby M Taylor Fine Art. Click to inquire