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Max Kuehne, The Open Window, Oil on canvas, Guarisco Gallery.  Click to inquire. 



Renaissance figure Alberti famously claimed that a painting should offer a perspective like one gets when looking out of a window.  FADA is taking Alberti’s metaphor literally with a selection of window views. During this month’s hectic entrance back to school and into fall’s busy schedule, let this post offer a contemplative escape.  






Bruce Cohen, Untitled (Tulip in Front of Window), 2014, Oil on canvas, Leslie Sacks Contemporary.  Click to inquire


When viewing an artwork, remember that art can both inspire and soothe (Science tells us so).  Whether opening up to a quaint garden scene or wondrous body of water setting, works with windows are ultimately conscious and inclusive of their viewers. Place yourself behind the window, and let the sensations of your imagination transport you!





Peppino Mangravite, Storm, Oil, David Cook Fine Art. Click to inquire





Robert Aaron Frame, View of the Garden, Oil on canvas, George Stern Fine Arts.  Click to inquire


John Seaford, Boston Window, Watercolor, Eckert & Ross Fine Art. Click to inquire


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