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While Netflix's second season of Orange is the New Black is inspiring a universal craze for the vibrant color of the inmates' uniforms, orange has been an established favorite in the artist's palette. After the nineteenth century invention of paint tubes, artists, like Impressionist favorite Monet, were allowed to paint the natural landscape en plein air and capture the vivid sunset and its colorful lighting effects. Notable American painters inspired by the changing seasons of New England, are indebted to the brilliant pigment and its symbolic significance as a seasonal and geographic indicator of Fall. Whether sprinkled across canvases in the subtle details of tree leaves or exploding as an isolated color in abstract compositions, the color never fails to catch the eye of its viewer. Its bold personality and visual potency makes an equally bold artistic statement: the color itself is a work of art. Until Season 3, enjoy...

(ABOVE) Edward S. Goldman's Orange, 1969. Mixed Media. David Cook Fine Art. Click to inquire

(ABOVE) Bessie Wessel's Village St. Tropez, 1929. Oil on canvas. Cincinnati Art Galleries. Click to inquire

Robert Rauschenberg's Glacial Decoy Series, Lithograph IV, 1980. Lithograph. Surovek Gallery. Click to inquire

Joan Miro's Gaudi XVIII. Color etching. Galerie Michael. Click to inquire

Alexander Liberman's Orb XIV. Oil on canvas. Vincent Vallarino Fine Art. Click to inquire