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Kawase Hasui, Beautiful moonlit night & stars - Miyajima Series: Souvenirs of Travel - 3rd series, Woodblock print. Douglas Frazer Fine Art. Click to inquire

Night and Day: natural tellers of time with their own distinct characteristics and associations- which seemingly contrast and balance each other. As integral and inevitable parts of our daily lives, it is no wonder that the night sky and rising sun are backdrops in many works of art.

Robert Gniewek, Majestic Grill #5. Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art. Click to inquire

However, they nonetheless enhance the mood of a painting, piercing rays of sunlight immediately illuminate the canvas in a sort of jovial manner, while the ominous depiction of a black sky conjures mystery. The beginnings and endings of each day hold prophetic meaning: much of which artists expound upon in presenting their work through the specific color palettes of a sunrise or in the still hours of darkness.

John Joseph Enneking, Venice at Night, ca. 1874, Questroyal Fine Art. Click to inquire

Charles Rollo Peters, Mt. Tamalpais, Belvedere, Oil on board. George Stern Fine Arts. Click to inquire

These sublime backdrops often amaze with expressive brushwork filling the sky, capable of inspiring viewers in its simplicity.

Robert Aaron Frame, Sun Window V, Oil on canvas. George Stern Fine Arts. Click to inquire

Joseph Morviller, Autumn Sunrise, Oil on canvas. Godel & Co. Fine Art. Click to inquire

Harry Leith Ross, Sunlight on Bridge Street, Oil on canvas. Avery Galleries. Click to inquire

Charles Burchfield, Morning Glories, 1915, Mixed media on paper. Questroyal Fine Art. Click to inquire