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FADA's inventory of works supplements the history of art with its range of mediums and styles. Whilst showcasing masterworks from throughout the centuries, FADA's collection of up and coming contemporary artists highlight continuities and changes in the art world. While inheriting rich and innovative styles, contemporary artists must also entertain their audience with new techniques in artistic execution, as seen in Lee U Fan's work which uses pigment suspended in glue.

U Fan Lee, From Line, Pigment suspended in glue on canvas, 45.5cm x 52.8cm, 1982. PYO Gallery LA. Click to inquire

Rusty Scruby, Horizon, Photographic reconstruction, 24" x 24", 2009. PYO Gallery LA. Click to inquire

Often delving into projects reflective of modern technical innovations-as seen in video installation art, contemporary artists have created work which lives beyond the canvas, seen in the street work art of Mr. Brainwash.

David Datuna, Nostalgia for Warhol, 2014, Mixed Media Wall Sculpture Installation, 40 x 30 x 5 inches each. Contessa Gallery. Click to inquire

However, contemporary artists also embrace traditional mediums:a new (and revamped) kinship to realism as seen in "Subway" by Tom Pfannerstill, who shockingly presents a crushed up Subway cup, which is actually acrylic painted on wood. As the art world is becoming more global and accessible, modern art evades specific cultural or temporal restrictions with its universal subject matters.

Tom Pfannerstill, Subway, 2005, Acrylic on wood, 6-1/2? x 5-1/4? / 16.5 x 13.3 cm. Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art. Click to inquire

Aron Wiesenfeld (b. 1972), Vigil 3, Charcoal on paper. Arcadia Contemporary. Click to inquire