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Louis Robert Carrier-Belleuse, Elegant Figures in a Flower Garden, Oil on canvas, Schiller & Bodo European Paintings. Click to inquire

While this winter's weather may have discouraged hopes for color, inklings of spring have arisen in breezes of pollen which our allergies might forgive just this once.


Edmund C. Tarbell, Mary Arranging Flowers, 1932, Surovek Gallery. Click to inquire

Robert Aaron Frame, Sunflowers in a Field, Oil on canvas, George Stern Fine Arts. Click to inquire

While today's obsession with flowers are augmented with meticulously curated Instagram pages, FADA's inventory of delicate blossoms really allows one to smell the roses, if only vicariously through your computer screen.

Donald Sultan, Wallflowers Jan 14 2009, Tempera on paper, Leslie Sacks Contemporary. Click to inquire

Donald Baechler, Untitled (Flowers), Gouache on paper, Rosenbaum Contemporary Gallery. Click to inquire

Perhaps the presented selection will influence your next trip to the florist, or inspire a stroll to the nearest park. Whether captured in neon bursts of blue color in Sultan's work on paper, or more traditionally posed still lifes, flowers inundate viewers with familiar senses of visual and (olfactory) happiness.

William Ritschel, Pepi Amidst the Flowers, Watercolor, Trotter Galleries. Click to inquire

Fred Doloresco, Cold Day for Flowers, Oil on linen, Eckert & Ross Fine Art. Click to inquire

Ren? Portocarrero, Florero (Flower Vase), Oil on canvas, Cernuda Arte. Click to inquire