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Robert Indiana, HOPE (White/Blue/Red), Painted aluminum, Rosenbaum Contemporary. Click to inquire

FADA/blog is a sucker for color and it makes no exception for the red, white and blue festivities surrounding the 4th of July. Inspired by the patriotic color scheme, this post is splashed with properly curated canvases composed of the popular color combination.

Richard Diebenkorn, Blue, 1984, Woodcut, Leslie Sacks Contemporary. Click to inquire

Edward S. Goldman, Infinity II, Acrylic on canvas on board, David Cook Fine Art. Click to inquire

While the stripes and stars' hues were chosen for more sobering reasons: White for purity and innocence, Red for hardiness and valour, and Blue, vigilance, perseverance and justice, they have nevertheless been adapted into the vacationer lifestyle during the holidays.


Alex Katz, White Roses, Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art. Click to inquire

Udo Noger, Inside, Mixed media on canvas, Timothy Yarger Fine Art. Click to inquire

Let FADA's collection of red, white and blue works prepare you for the fireworks, BBQs and pinwheels.

Raimond Staprans, Untitled, 1979, Oil on canvas, William A. Karges Fine Art. Click to inquire

Charles Christopher Hill, Siddhartha's Intent, 2014, Acrylic on canvas, Leslie Sacks Contemporary. Click to inquire