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Robert Polidori, Avenida San Lazaro #1, Havana, Cuba, Print, Rosenbaum Contemporary Gallery. Click to inquire

Works of art allow viewers to see new places and cultures from the unique perspective of the artist. This week's blog post showcases artworks which take you around the world.


Norton Bush, Tropical Landscape #2, Oil on board, William A. Karges Fine Art. Click to inquire

Kim Cogan, Chinatown, Oil on panel, Arcadia Contemporary. Click to inquire

While the internet offers plentiful images of foreign countries and people, accessible in photographic images, artworks offer personalized experiences through brushwork and color choices. The lush ambiance of a tropical landscape, like Norton Bush's Tropical Landscape #2, is romanticized with hazy pink tones, a viewpoint draped with a curtain of similarly colored flowers.


Alfred H. Maurer, Paris Nocturne, Oil on canvas, Avery Galleries. Click to inquire

Eustace Paul Ziegler, Mount McKinley, Oil on canvas board, David Dike Fine Art. Click to inquire

In Robert Polidori's Avenida San Lazaro #1, Havana, Cuba, the magnificent European architecture, frigid in its cool marble material, dwarfs the central group of figures. This purposeful juxtaposition offers a visually captivating response to a specific street in the mythical Havana. These artworks offer vignettes of a place's personality: let them inspire your next bout of



Huc Mazelet Luquiens, Mauna Kea from Hilo, Etching, Douglas Frazer Fine Art. Click to inquire

Martin Rico y Ortega, A Summer?s Afternoon, Venice, Oil on panel, Rehs Galleries. Click to inquire