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Andy Warhol, Bananas, Polaroid, Eckert Fine Art Gallery and Art Consulting. Click to inquire

The next time we drool over our Instagram feeds of artfully presented savories and sweets, perhaps we won't feel so bad with our overindulgence, as capturing the perfect foodie shot is nothing new in the history of art. A previous blog post Still Lives of Instagram, showcased the parallels between Instagram and the rich history of Still lives: both which transform mundane everyday life into something magnificent through masterful technique or colorful photographic lenses.

Barton S. Hays Peaches & Grapes, Oil on canvas. Eckert and Ross Fine Art. Click to inquire

The representation of food is integral within the whole genre of painting. Our appreciation for the art of food, whether reflected in our modern day craze for cronuts, is similarly inspired by works of art, where artists magnify the texture and color of their foodie subjects into seemingly tangible and tantalizing appetizers.

Luigi Benedicenti, Meringhe II, Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art. Click to inquire

It only seems normal that artists were just as obsessive over food as we are today.

Ben Schonzeit. Cake Slices. Acrylic on canvas. Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art. Click to inquire

You can start drooling.


Todd M. Casey, Mojito, Oil on panel. Rehs Galleries. Click to inquire

Fernando Botero, Still Life With Fruits, Oil on canvas. Rosenbaum Contemporary Gallery. Click to inquire