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tumblr_ojxoeu57bE1tb2kfeo1_540 OPENING NIGHT: Lois Esformes, FADA Executive Director Jane Glassman and Artist Fred Eversley tumblr_inline_ojxnh7asmY1sfsm9q_540 LA Art Show visitors browse the inventory of FADA Galleries tumblr_inline_ojxnf70HQn1sfsm9q_540 In anticipation of the inaugural site-specific contemporary art exhibition Desert X opening next month at sites across the California desert, FADA, a Desert X Founding Member, presented a mock reading nook to browse the catalogues of the exhibition’s invited artists amidst a desert-inspired backdrop. tumblr_inline_ojxne8saLR1sfsm9q_540 Plants in Bloom at Booth #1004 tumblr_inline_ojxnbsc6EB1sfsm9q_540 LA Art Show Visitors Mingle in the Reading Nook   tumblr_inline_ojxn9tgJot1sfsm9q_540 In continuation of 2017 LA Art Show festivities, the Fine Art Dealers Association hosted a cocktail reception at Member Gallery, Arcadia Contemporary in Culver City, for FADA Friends and Desert X Supporters.