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Photo: Aaron Davidson / Getty

Meet Beatriz Esguerra, owner and founder of FADA’s newest Member, Beatriz Esguerra Art.

With a gallery location in Bogota since 2000 and another in Miami since 2014, BEA is at the forefront of the Colombian art scene.

Learn more about Bogota through Bea’s artful lens.   



How do the art scenes in each city you have a gallery in compare to one another?

Bogota has an up and coming art scene. In the last 10 years it has evolved, grown, become very active, varied and interesting. In October the city congregates around Bogota’s main international art fair ARTBO, and three smaller satellite fairs. Bogota has numerous museums: historic, contemporary, archeological, etc. Galleries represent mostly Colombian and Latin American artists. Being the capital of Colombia it is a vibrating city full of energy and a wide cultural offering. However, it is still learning how the international art world functions. Museums, galleries, artists and buyers are learning the rules and conventions of the professional art world.

Miami is a smaller city that awakens from its summer loll from October to March. However it awakens with outstanding exhibits, fairs, collectors and buyers. People are educated when it comes to art and the art world conventions.

How does your gallery mission bridge an *art* relationship between the two locations?

The idea is to use the Miami space more frequently during the city’s high season. I program exhibits just as I do in Bogota. Some are solo shows and others group shows. All are of the gallery’s artists.

Do you find each city influencing your curatorial decisions? If so, how?

Depending on the time of year, the events happening in each city, the artists that are up for exhibition and new group show ideas that come up from our brain storming sessions, we set up our yearly agenda of exhibitions. 

How do you see the Colombian art scene evolving?

Definitely evolving positively. The quality of Colombian artists’ is outstanding, therefore the evolution of the art scene in this country is directly linked to promoting it internationally. More and more, galleries in Colombia are present in international events, artists are also participating in biennials and other institutional events in other countries. Finally, ARTBO, the International Bogota Art Fair has played a major role in promoting galleries and artists and in educating collectors and general public. 

I believe that collectors who wish to invest in quality artwork should do so in Colombian art. It is fresh, authentic, tells fascinating stories and has accessible prices.



Where can a collector find BEA next?

BEA will be in ARTBO, the Bogota International Art Fair in October. We will be exhibiting 8 of our artists. We have regular exhibition programming from September to December in our Bogota Art Space. We will also be holding an exhibit in Miami this upcoming semester. We are still in the planning and organizational stages for that one. 

What are your top art destinations in Bogota?

The Botero Museum, The Gold Museum, The Museum of the Bank of the Republic