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Five FADA Member Galleries participated at the FADA-Founded LA Art Show. Enjoy their booths and art fair tips!  

Arcadia Contemporary

Culver City, CA       Gallery Booth Artwork Highlight: Adapt by Annie Murphy-Robinson, Charcoal on Paper, 42" x 30"        

The artist with her work 

  Fair Highlight: Jeremy Lipking, Casey Baugh, and J. Louis opening night (Below)     Art Fair Tip? Bring extra battery packs to charge your cellphones during long fair days!    

Bert Green Fine Art

Chicago, IL     Gallery Booth Artwork Highlight: William Powhida, What is an Artist?, Graphite, watercolor, colored pencil on paper, 20 x 16", 2017 (ABOVE)  

Bert Green in action

  Fair Highlight: Very well attended, super busy every day.     Art Fair Tip: For visitors, don’t be afraid to ask questions and if you want to buy something, ask if discounts are available.  

Jane Kahan Gallery

New York, NY    

Jane Kahan Holding Court


Jane Kahan Gallery's Modernist Booth Program


Booth with a view


Rehs Galleries, Inc.

New York, NY  

The Rehs Family

    An active gallery participant of the LA Art Show, this year Rehs Galleries changed it up and created a private room featuring our historic works within the contemporary booth.      

Timothy Yarger Fine Art

Beverly Hills, CA  

Gallery Owner Timothy Yarger at the Fair