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    In this edition of FADA Art Destinations, FADA Member and namesake owner of Thomas Nygard Gallery in Bozeman, MT revealed the places and faces of the city's art scene.  With a gallery dealing in 19th and 20th century American Art, Thomas Nygard's specialization ties into his gallery's location amongst the spectacular mountains.  
1. If someone were to come to Bozeman for an art adventure, where would you recommend they stay?
Element Hotel, Lark Motel
2. Favorite art spots in Bozeman?
Charles M. Russell in his studio.  Known for his Western scenes of cowboys and landscapes, his home and studio are available for tour visits.
Museum of the Rockies' Guardian
3.  How does your gallery space and collecting speciality relate to the Bozeman Art Scene?
I specialize in historic Western Art of the period that made Montana famous.
Thomas Nygard Gallery in Bozeman, MT
4. Do you have a favorite artist who worked in the Bozeman area or artwork most evocative of the Bozeman regional style?
Charles M. Russell, Joseph Henry Sharp, Thomas Moran
Beyond the museum-Charles M. Russell's bronze, The Spirit of Winter, in the collection of Thomas Nygard Gallery.  
5. Where to refuel in Bozeman?
    See you on the range.