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With gallery spaces in cities throughout the country-and abroad-FADA Members are experts in unique regional schools of art and offer invaluable insight into the art communities their galleries work in. Using gallery intel, FADA Art Destinations highlights these art communities and institutions shaping local culture. Get a personalized tour of an art-filled city beyond its museum with Jim Ross of FADA Member Eckert & Ross Fine Art, located in Indianapolis, ID.  Jim offered his favorite Indy art locations and the places to relax and refuel after enjoying them.     1. If someone were to come to Indianapolis for an art adventure, where would you recommend they stay?   The Alexander Hotel (filled with art, great restaurant & bar)
2. What are your favorite Indianapolis art spots?
Indianapolis Museum of Art (above) and Indianapolis Cultural Trail (Bike-led tours through Indianapolis cultural districts)
3.  How does your gallery space and collecting speciality relate to the Indianapolis Art Scene?
 Our gallery relates to Indianapolis because we specialize in the best of historic Indiana art, along with some of the best living Indiana traditional painters. Also, we have been open for 44 years here.
4. Do you have a f avorite artist who worked in the Indianapolis area or artwork most evocative of the Indianapolis regional style? 
T. C. Steele (American 1847-1926), an American Impressionist and one of Indiana's Hoosier Group painters.
T.C. Steele's Indiana
5. Where do you refuel in Indianapolis? 
Milktooth and Blubeard