Spring Temper

03.30.2017 - 04.26.2017

Godel & Co, Fine Art, Inc.

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Godel & Co. is pleased to present Spring Temper, a group exhibition of recent works by artists Sebastian Vallejo, Hector Arce-Espasas, and Allan Tarantino. The exhibition will take place from March 30 through April 21, and will examine the inventive interplay between three contemporary artists and their chosen mediums. By invoking the term “temper,” various connotations and readings come into play during the visual odyssey laid out by the various artworks. While one spectator might be provoked into a particular state of mind, another might focus on how random elements meld to yield a certain consistency. The possibilities are diverse, as are the reactions when onlookers are confronted with tangible evidence of how heating and cooling in the world of metallurgy can impart strength. Regardless of interpretation, the idea of spring evokes the allure of aromatic scents, blossoms, color, and life. Spring Temper, while visually diverse in terms of each artist’s posture, attitude, and approach, also showcases a harmonious form of expression.