Sandra Yagi: Holiday in Hell

05.12.2018 - 06.22.2018

Sandra Yagi: Holiday in Hell

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Bert Green Fine Art is pleased to present our seventh solo show by San Francisco-based painter Sandra Yagi.


Sandra Yagi is interested in the intersection between science and art, using themes of anatomy, genetic manipulation, evolution, and medical oddities as tools in the creation of intricate, small and medium scale paintings in traditional styles. These works depict strange worlds where flesh is malleable, skeletons of conjoined twins play, flayed simians invade the historical canons of Western art, and small, delicate, genetically hybrid creatures satisfy unusual curiosities and symbolize moral conundrums.


All gallery events are free and open to the public. Additional exhibition information, press releases and high resolution images may be found at the gallery website at http://bgfa.us.


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Bert Green Fine Art, South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA