Robert Cottingham: Master Realist

09.18.2016 - 11.20.2016

Eckert Fine Art

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FADA member Jane Eckert of Eckert Fine Art Gallery and Consulting lent her expertise to the upcoming Robert Cottingham exhibit at the Butler Institute of American Art.

The exhibition, Robert Cottingham: Master Realist is a retrospective look at the career of this great American artist. “Robert Cottingham is an American original. It was he who helped to develop and to popularize contemporary realist painting. But beyond his pioneer role in representational art, he has worked to preserve an important aspect of urban American popular culture. In a sense he has, through his painting, preserved for all time, disappearing American imagery. In the process he has raised to iconic levels the signage that has come to mark the American city as well as the countryside. Presenting an exhibition of the work of Robert Cottingham has been a long time dream. We could not be happier that it is finally happening for the Butler and for the people of Ohio and Western Pennsylvania…a dream come true.” ~ The Butler’s Director, Dr. Louis Zona This exhibition is possible thanks to the guidance and overall support of Jane Eckert and her team at Eckert Fine Art Gallery and Consulting.


The Butler Institute of American Art, Wick Avenue, Youngstown, OH, United States