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Rehs Galleries at the LA Art Show 2018

01.10.2018 - 01.14.2018

Rehs Galleries, Inc.

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In recent years, we have had two separate booths – one for historic and another for contemporary works. This year we are changing it up … we went a little larger and created a private room featuring our historic works within the contemporary booth. The look and feel of the two spaces will be very different. A curtained entrance will welcome you into a carpeted area with dark blue walls and a curated group of stellar works by Berthelsen, Corot, Cortes, del Campo, Edzard, Santoro, Valtat, Vlaminck, Henri Geoffroy (Paris Salon, 1892), Andrea Landini (Paris Salon, 1929); as well as two Paris Salon masterpieces: Leon Richet’s Marguerite (Paris Salon, 1881) and Louis Courtat’s Le Réveil de Vénus (Paris Salon, 1883 - illustrated above).
Surrounding this room will be a more contemporary white-walled space with concrete floors. On display will be works by Anthony Mastromatteo, Tony South, Tim Jahn, Julie Bell, David Palumbo, Dorian Vallejo, Walter Rane, Kari Tirrell, Cesar Santander, Jason Walker, Ben Bauer, Todd Casey, Jason Brady, Erik Koeppel, Ken Salaz and a selection of works by the newest member of our roster …


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Los Angeles Convention Center, South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA, United States