08.18.2018 - 09.15.2018

Beatriz Esguerra Art

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Artists that thrive in a variety of themes and mediums come together under a lively and organic aesthetic for this show. Carlos Alarcón, Pablo Arrázola, Armando Castro, Carolina Convers, Teresa Currea, Carlos Nariño, Alejandro de Narváez, Pablo Posada, Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra, Pedro Ruiz, Santiago Uribe-Holguín, and Elsa Zambrano are the ones who make up this group show where nature, color, sensitivity and zest come together. Each artist evokes a series of elements that relate to the intensity and versatility of the concept of landscape, for a landscape is not just a view of the natural environment, but also a situation, a scene, a setting.
Teresa Currea’s delicate, subtle figures contrast with Carolina Convers’ potent color schemes and bold forms, while Elsa Zambrano’s particular way of approaching collage brings together a series of iconic elements from history and pop culture, resulting in the staging of eclectic scenes. Alejandro de Narváez, Pablo Posada, and Santiago Uribe-Holguín tackle nature using material and color, exploring their behavior and taking advantage of it until bending these elements to their will. Armando Castro, Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra and Pedro Ruiz explore the relationship between human beings and their natural surroundings, while Carlos Nariño depicts the shocking delicacy of the celestial scenery. Pablo Arrázola and Carlos Alarcón work on portraying nature and the human figure through meticulous and sensitive strokes, and in some way, the works featured in this show present a similar concept: an imagery of nature that develops within the broad spectrum that is its relationship with human existence.


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