Katherine Boxall: Intelligent Abstraction

01.16.2021 - 03.06.2021

Jerald Melberg Gallery

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Jerald Melberg Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of abstract paintings by Katherine Boxall.  This is the artist’s inaugural solo exhibition with the gallery and a catalogue has been published for the occasion. 

A Canadian native, Boxall holds a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. After moving to Charlotte in 2018, Boxall immediately began constructing her intelligent, expressive paintings using a mix of materials: acrylic, spray paint, pastel and oil.

Of this new body of work, Boxall says:  The paintings in this exhibition were created in my warehouse studio in Charlotte, North Carolina, during the 2020 pandemic. The work is influenced by the unusual grounding experience we all find ourselves in, but also a series of nomadic camping trips that my partner, dog and I have been undertaking across the United States this year. Being from Canada and far from ‘home’, these paintings memorialize moments of novelty and escapism living, working and traveling in America.

During Boxall’s academic years she was the recipient of numerous honors and awards, including the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Artist Grant and the San Francisco Art Institute MFA Fellowship. Boxall’s work has been featured in exhibitions across Canada, Australia and the United States, most recently in a solo exhibition at the Mint Museum.


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