Journey to the Seed: Sinuhe Vega Negrin

10.14.2017 - 11.18.2017

LnS Gallery

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LnS GALLERY opens its exhibition season with JOURNEY TO THE SEED, contemporary artist Sinuhe Vega Negrin’s offering of the creative universe that surrounds him in the tropics of Miami, where he lives and conceives his art. Sinuhe is aligned with what can be defined, in the current state of contemporary art, as the Miami school. As an archipelago of cultures, a port of social convergence, and a place of transience, Miami is a territory working to define its history. In the wake of hurricane Irma’s collateral impact on Miami, JOURNEY TO THE SEED, curated by Jorge Luis Gutierrez, expresses an unusual perspective on landscape and human representation, a fresh and accomplished artistic metaphor of the city’s journey and history of building creative, imagined environments as genuine acts of beauty and activism. Sinuhe Vega Negrin’s artistic proposal can be interpreted as elements of emerging ecologies where, through metaphor and imagination, the artist includes constructive engagements among the natural and human interaction; a creative dialogue among varied audiences about the environment and social change. To quote the artist: “Our perception of nature manifests in our behavior; it resounds in our actions. And so I enter this natural world to observe life forms that live in still—nature’s trees, fruits and flowers all in their static, statuesque, wise existence.” In this exhibit, the artist leads us through an evolution of his work that fittingly ties into his creation of a new species: the Fructo Sapiens. Sinuhe has produced this series of both paintings and sculptures that further evolve into an innovative hybrid of the two, an appropriate invention within his world of unique characters, which speaks clearly to our time and relates to our current environmental condition. His work forces us to challenge our environmental practices and to question the treatment of our planet, an issue that is universally relevant. At first glance, the Fructo-Sapiens series seems to celebrate the natural beauty of our transformed earth or another planet, with deep colors and cross-breed, human-like figures. The pieces depict environmentally transfigured, impacted and dreamlike, timeless sites transformed by the artist’s imagination; a subject matter that carries forth the fascination with the undoing of the landscape, regarding both its formal beauty and its environmental affairs. JOURNEY TO THE SEED will be presented concurrently with a group exhibition, THE COLLECTIVE DEBUT, featuring a wide range of artistic style and technique by John Bailly, Jennifer Basile, Tim Buwalda, Jessie Laino, Gabriela Noelle, William Osorio, Cesar Trasobares, Trek6, Tony Vazquez-Figueroa, and other gifted creators. The group show will provide a sampling of exemplary works by the gallery’s represented artists, in formats including Expressionistic works, photo-based realism, relief on rice paper, three-dimensional acrylic, mixed media and conceptual work.


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