Jeffrey Michael Austin: What We Can Handle

03.10.2018 - 04.21.2018

Jeffrey Michael Austin: What We Can Handle

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Opening Reception
Saturday March 10, 2018 5-8 pm
Bert Green Fine Art is pleased to present our second solo show by Chicago collage artist Doug Stapleton and our first show by Chicago artist Jeffrey Michael Austin.
Jeffrey Michael Austin has a fascination with the phenomenon of reflection. Whether a puddle, a mirror, or a glistening, slick, viscous surface, he works with materials that imitate and amplify reflective qualities. His simulacra of ordinary objects employ illusory effects to mediate and obscure reflectivity: high gloss, humidity, fingerprints, smoke, etc. The works invite interactivity with a large dose of caution, as thing are not always what they seem.


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Bert Green Fine Art, South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA