Helen Maurene Cooper and Christopher Ottinger

09.15.2018 - 10.20.2018

Helen Maurene Cooper and Christopher Ottinger

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Bert Green Fine Art is pleased to present our third show by Helen Maurene Cooper and our second show by Christopher Ottinger.
Helen Maurene Cooper's "Blue Angels" is a series of collodion photographs of the culturally diverse drag queen & drag king community in Chicago, highlighting a lack of visual representation of LGBTQ+ persons from the early days of photography. The historic wet-plate collodion technique is a rich and multi layered medium to reinvent a history of the late 19th century that presents an alternative story about inclusion. Cooper is a photographer who engages cultures to find the intersection of race, class, and gender.


Christopher Ottinger works with the moving image as a thing in itself, removed from a specific individual narrative and presented as an artifact of our shared cultural history. His samples are chosen from more than a century of technology: projection, scanning, and interactive video games. These images are isolated from context, and then presented along with their technology — the physical manifestations which show them as a unified phenomenon. In ARCADE, Ottinger hopes to rekindle that sense of wonder and awe that people in the past, seeing moving images for the first time, must have felt.


All gallery events are free and open to the public. Additional exhibition information, press releases and high resolution images may be found at the gallery website at


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Bert Green Fine Art, South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA