Contessa Gallery’s Gilles Cenazandotti: “Vision Leader” at Creating Equilibrium

08.25.2017 - 08.27.2017

Contessa Gallery

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Creating Equilibrium, a first-of-its-kind event focused on generating environmentally impactful innovations, is set to host its inaugural event in Lake Tahoe, CA, August 25 - 27, 2017. This three-day event —a radical solutions forum, immersive laboratory, and music festival— features selective top minds on the planet, and is aimed at crafting and funding real-world solutions to the ecological challenges America now faces. Images courtesy of Contessa Gallery Visions, Creating Equilibrium’s two-day innovation forum on August 26 and 27, will be hosted by New York Times bestselling author, Pulitzer Prize nominee, and Creating Equilibrium co-founder Steven Kotler; and a congregation of culture-shaping thought leaders, including:

  • Patricia Wright - Conservation Biologist, MacArthur Genius Grant Winner, Climatologist
  • Jeremy Jones - Pro snowboarder, founder of Protect Our Winters
  • Gilles Cenazandotti- World renowned environmental sculptor and activist
  • Jamie Wheal - Executive Director, Flow Genome Project
  • Dr. David Suzuki- Professor, Author, Broadcaster Host of The Nature of Things
  • Dickson Despommier - Professor Emeritus of Microbiology and Public Health at Columbia University
  • Khuram Mir - CEO of The Farm2U
  • Susi Mai - World-Class Kiteboarder and Business Networking Entrepreneur
  • Andrew Hessel - Distinguished research scientist and bio-futurist
  •  Robert Suarez - Designer, Entrepreneur, Impact Driver and Biomimic at Singularity University

"Our core strategy is deceptively simple,” says Kotler. “We build bridges. Our goal is to bridge gaps between traditionally isolated domains—environmental science, technology, business, government and academia. Utilizing one of the most radical and future-forward eco-innovation approaches ever seen on the live stage, Creating Equilibrium’s mission is critical—accelerate our better tomorrow.”

Lake Tahoe will also serve as the backdrop for the Village Green festival, a free, immersive experience for all that unites storied musical talent, eco-visionaries, culinary culture, and experiential art, including a floating, multimedia installation set on the crystal clear waters of the lake. Gilles Cenazandotti, the feature artist at this event, will be leading walking tours around the village grounds and discussing the ecological mission behind his work. The artist will also exhibit several large sculpture works created with tidal debris found in Mediterranean Sea and begin plans for a commissioned work with Contessa Gallery and Tahoe Public Art.



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