COFFEE: A Group Show

01.27.2018 - 02.23.2018

Beatriz Esguerra Art

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"COFFEE," a group show that brings together over 15 artists who have created works of art inspired specifically by this topic. For our opening, we were joined by the most prized coffee producers of Colombia, Café San Alberto. We invite you to click on the video link below to see moments from our opening last Saturday, where Café San Alberto offered our visitors cups of coffee prepared in various distinct methods; because coffee, in itself, is a work of art!   Presenting works by: Carlos Alarcon, Pablo Arrazola, Armando Castro, Carolina Convers, Teresa Currea, Anibal Gomescásseres, Joel Grossman, Carlos Nariño, Jairo Llano, Lorenza Panero, Pablo Posada, Ismael Rivera, Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra, Pedro Ruiz, Alejandro Sanchez, Santiago Uribe-Holguín and Elsa Zambrano.


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Beatriz Esguerra Art – Carrera 16, Bogotá – Bogota, Colombia