10.26.2017 - 10.29.2017

Beatriz Esguerra Art

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TRANSLATING REALITY Exhibiting works by Pedro Ruiz, Santiago Uribe-Holguin, Carol Young, Armando Castro, Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra, Mario Arroyave, Luis Carlos Tovar and Teresa Currea. Art must be a translation not an imitation.  Finding a balance between holding up a mirror to what we see around us and enticing us to look at those things with fresh eyes is how art can develop a connection, even a bond, between the artistic vision and the viewer.  Over time, works that have the ability to consistently engage us in dialogue, that spark personal or collective memory, or that challenge us to think or see differently are artworks that can enrich our daily lives and survive the test of time. At ARTBO this year Beatriz Esguerra Art will present 8 Colombian artists whose works, whether through drawing, painting, photography or sculpture, have the rare ability to translate our world rather than replicate it. Armando Castro uses watercolors to create balanced compositions on durable material like MDF and cardboard while Teresa Currea presents delicate and three-dimensional cutout drawings in acrylic boxes. Pedro Ruiz and Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra, both established painters, discuss the issue of displacements in vastly different manners as each is motivated by very distinct personal realities, one Colombian, the other Cuban. Santiago Uribe-Holguín, primarily known for his abstract work consisting of earthly materials, shows similar abstractions of oil on paper that are now focused on transparencies. Mario Arroyave constructs and manipulates his photographs to demonstrate the passing of time in a sole image, while Luis Carlos Tovar analyzes issues of migrations and memory through black and white photography and a video installation composed of said photographs. Carol Young, known for her ceramic work, presents an installation that references the blank page, that history which is yet to be written, as well as the wordless memories whose textures are forms waiting to be read, classified, and understood.


Avenida la Esperanza with Carrera 39
Bogotá, Colombia.