Abigail Varela sculptures on exhibit at Rosenbaum Contemporary in Boca Raton, Florida

Abigail Varela: Sculptures

10.01.2019 - 03.13.2020

Rosenbaum Contemporary Gallery

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Rosenbaum Contemporary is exhibiting sculptures by Venezuelan artist Abigail Varela. Varela is known for the physical disproportions of his sculptural figures: thin, filiform arms; fine, high necks and small heads contrasted with wide hips. His work has been exhibited in Venezuela, El Salvador, Miami, London and New York. Rosenbaum Contemporary, founded in 1979, caters to international collectors interested in investment-quality works by Postwar, Modern and Contemporary masters and presents nationally recognized museum-level exhibitions throughout the year. The gallery also offers a wide range of free services to collectors worldwide including acquisition advice, art consulting, sourcing of artists, art collection building and management and resale of select works of art.


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150 Yamato Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431